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Nine Worths


Need high-quality workwear in your assortment? Nine Worths stands for convenience and price.

Nine Worths understands that work clothes serve a specific purpose: to protect while providing comfort. That is why they focus on high-quality work clothes and shoes that accompany millions of workers daily. Quality, style, durable materials, and attention to detail make Nine Worths highly valued by its end-users.

Designed with sports and street fashion in mind, Nine Worths workwear ensures comfort and safety for the wearer.

We are Nine Worths exclusive distributor in the Baltics since 2022.

Nine Worths premium workwear: French quality, affordable price range, and sportswear-like comfort

Since the brand’s early days, they have been committed to its users. Nine Worths believes in timeless workwear that is made to last.

In addition to meeting European standards, Nine Worths conducts additional tests and develops safety clothing for extreme conditions.

The company aims to give its wearers a unique experience where high-quality workwear goes hand in hand with street and sports fashion comfort and style. Despite the distinctive style and high quality, Nine Worths products have an attractive price range. It is probably the best workwear on the market in terms of price-quality ratio.

Nine Worths product range

A Nine Worths product can also be worn as everyday streetwear. In their assortment, you can find work- and footwear for men and women:

  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Safety footwear
  • Shirts
  • Winter and rain clothes
  • Vests

In addition, low and high work and safety boots, footwear, and accessories necessary for work.

Why choose Nine Worths products for your assortment?

Nine Worths is durable workwear with a modern design and great value for money.

You should include Nine Worths as part of your product portfolio if you are looking for work clothes and safety boots and you value:

  • Premium quality in a reasonable price range
  • The assortment that is constantly renewing;
  • Comfort and street-style

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