Are you interested in adding Bahco tools to your product range?

Bahco offers everything a handyman needs, from high-quality screwdrivers to durable socket wrenches and hand saws.

We are the only official Bahco importer in the Baltics – since 2011

Bahco offers a wide range of high-quality products

Bahco’s story goes back to the 19th century when 1886, the first high-quality steel saw blade, was produced.

Today, Bahco is the top tool player, allowing users with very different skills to be the star of their field! Bahco tools are used by professional craftsmen in various fields as well by hobbyists daily.

Bahco’s product range is vast so that you can find a suitable helper for every field of work: forestry to construction, garage to industry, and shipbuilding to gardening.

According to its users, years of experience and consistent product development guarantee Bahco’s today’s top quality.

Why should you include Bahco tools in your sortiment?

Product innovation, high quality, and ergonomics are Bahco’s top priorities.

Bahco has long experience as a manufacturer and the knowledge that the world and work methods are constantly changing. Therefore, classic tools must also keep up with the times and continuously become more effective.

Your product range would benefit from Bahco if:

  • you value fast delivery (even if the products are not at the warehouse);
  • continuous tool innovations;
  • sustainability in mindset and manufacturing;
  • long-term expert level and awareness in their field;
  • a wide range of products;
  • TOP design and display of products.

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