Need quality measuring and marking tools for your product range? Kapro is the top choice in the market.

Kapro offers a wide range of high-quality spirit and laser levels and marking tools. 

Kapro’s quality and product innovation, together with years of experience and development, are the cornerstones of the brand, which also continuously advances the entire measuring tool industry.

We are Kapro’s exclusive distributor in Estonia and Latvia since 2010.

Kapro’s levels, measuring, and marking tools are industry benchmarks for quality, comfort, and durability.

It is its users who inspire Kapro! With more than 30 years of experience in developing high-quality measuring tools and laser levels, Kapro continues to innovate and create unique products.

Kapro has high standards. This is proven by their global partner network and production units in the USA, Israel, and China. In addition, Kapro has its entire production and management located in different parts of the world but still managed entirely within the same company.

Holding Kapro tools, you can be sure that they are: 
… extremely convenient tools. You can feel the quality just by holding one;
… super precise tools you can trust. Kapro is designed to get the job done accurately and with high quality!

Kapro product range

Kapro is one of the market leaders in measuring and marking tools, with its own production and development. From their assortment, you can find top-quality:

  • Levels: laser levels, spirit levels, and digital levels
  • Marking and measuring tools: measuring tapes, chalk powders, marking cords, and angles.
  • Accessories: tripods, detectors, various laser-level mounts, etc.

Why choose KAPRO products for your assortment?

Those who have used Kapro tools know their quality. Kapro tools are also highly valued by many needy craftsmen, proving that Kapro is one of the most respected brands in the field.

Kapro measuring and marking tools, lasers, and levels have:

  • Premium quality – developed and produced in-house by Kapro itself
  • Ratings for quality and design;
  • Certificated with VPA label, ISO certificates (9001, 14001, and SA8000).
  • Recognition by FDA, EU, RoHS and they are WEEE compliant.
  • Been created with the customer in mind!

Kapro, their Tools With Vision™ and equality at the workplace

Kapro shows continuous product innovation. Their team dedicated to development consistently discovers fresh and user-friendly solutions while also experimenting with new product designs. For example, Kapro products also include separate brands such as:

  • Plumb Site®;
  • Posters®;
  • Optivision®;
  • Set & Match®.

Kapro prioritizes workplace equality alongside social and environmental responsibility. The safety, well-being, and professional growth of their employees are of utmost importance to the company.

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