Mechanix Wear

Wish to add Mechanix Wear highly-rated gloves to your assortment?

Above all, Mechanix Wear is known as a comfortable and well-designed glove manufacturer. Mechanix Wear started by making high-quality gloves for mechanics. Today, the brand is also well-known in the military, construction and DIY sectors.

We have been the exclusive Mechanix Wear importer and wholesaler in the Baltics since 2014.

Mechanix Wear – comfortable and high-quality gloves for the garage, tactical and construction sites

The US-made Mechanix Wear Original® gloves started in 1991 from a real need: a lack of comfortable gloves that help to use the power of hands for mechanics. The founder’s passion for motorsports helped to create the solution for comfortable gloves that were enjoyable to wear. At the Daytona 500 NASCAR race the gloves were approved by both mechanics and the team.

Mechanix Wear has been the flagship glove manufacturer for mechanics for decades, and they say, “It is just the beginning.” They are also widening their product portfolio to the construction sector and do-it-yourselfers. Also, Mechanix Wear tactical gloves are getting more popular.

Modern and up-to-date design, including a touch-sensitive solution, has made the gloves a hit for technophiles and do-it-yourselfers in the Baltic region.

Why add Mechanix Wear into your product range?

The user of Mechanix Wear products is usually a motosport enthusiast, a self-starter (DIY-person), a lover of the extreme, or a military person who needs comfortable and durable gloves.

Wearing Mechanix Wear is sort of a matter of honor – their quality, design, and functionality keep pace with the times. From the assortment you can find gloves that are usable with a touch screen, impact resistant, cuts and water proof.

Mechanix Wear users value:

  • Comfort and sensibility for a better feeling and sense of the materials and tools;
  • Modern functionality: breathiness, touch screen capability, protectiveness; washability and more
  • High-quality standards: certifications and patents;
  • Design that the users love – gloves look cool.
Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear: how to choose and take care of your gloves?

How to choose the right size gloves?

The comfort of gloves is essential for everyone who wears them. That’s why you need to choose the gloves in the correct size.

Mechanix Wear pays a lot of attention to finding the right size glove and has also made easy-to-read materials to help every glove wearer find the right one for the right fit.

Tips: For starting, measure the width of your hand and the length of your longest finger to the middle of your hand.

Durability tip: 3 steps to proper glove care.

You can extend gloves’ quality and durability with the gloves’ proper care. Mechanix Wear has also made a simple tutorial on washing gloves for each glove type. Follow these three steps:

  1. Make sure of the glove material – then you know if and what detergents and temperature to use for washing;
  2. Wash the gloves separately at a low temperature;
  3. Allow the gloves to dry naturally; avoid driers.

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