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Truper is one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers. Their products range from hammers to wheelbarrows and can be found in households as well as on large construction sites.

A high-quality, affordable, and versatile product selection makes Truper an enticing brand for both home users and professionals.

Truper stands out as the most recognized name in the Mexican tool industry. In recent years, Truper has also become one of the rising stars in the Baltic region.

We are the only official distributor of Truper in the Baltics – partners since 2014.


Truper – the world’s largest manufacturer of striking tools (axes, picks, hammers), garden and construction wheelbarrows, and long-handle tools.

Truper is a world-class private company based in Mexico, operating for nearly 60 years and still led by its initial founders. The balance of price and quality makes Truper’s products suitable for large construction sites and household use. With a product range of over 13,000 items, Truper provides the right tool for every life situation and skill level. Truper is the most widely known for tool categories such as long-handle tools, garden and construction wheelbarrows, and striking tools.

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Truper has gained global popularity as a Mexican brand by emphasizing the balance of durability and price. That’s why their products are suitable for both professional use and everyday household tasks. Quality is the core value for Truper, and all products undergo testing at the world’s most advanced tool quality control center – Truper Advanced.

Truper’s product range includes::

  • Premium striking tools (axes, picks, hammers)
  • Durable garden and construction wheelbarrows
  • A wide selection of long-handle tools
  • User-friendly garden tools
  • High-quality hand tools and much more.

As a manufacturer, Truper provides suitable displays for large construction wholesale outlets and smaller hardware stores.


Truper products are for the user who appreciates:

  • Durability and quality
  • Long-standing expertise in their sector
  • A budget-friendly price range.
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