Ansell is your partner for ensuring safety and productivity in the assembly, processing, and logistics sector!

Product developers at Ansell understand the importance of safety and efficiency in manufacturing, and how interdependent they are. As the world’s largest manufacturer of personal protective equipment, we have already been committed for decades to providing innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customer’s industry.

A wide range of gloves and protective equipment enables workers to perform their tasks accurately and safely, even in the most demanding of environments. Whether it’s the handling of delicate components on assembly lines and in the manufacturing industry, or the management of heavy loads in a logistics warehouse, Ansell’s products are designed to provide the ultimate protection without sacrificing comfort or hand mobility.

The gloves have been developed using cutting-edge materials and technologies to ensure uncompromised safety, grip and resistance to abrasions, cuts, chemicals, and other hazards often encountered in the above mentioned environments. Another big plus for Ansell is the wide range of sizes – from size 5 to 12 for some models.

In addition, Werkado provides in-depth advice and, where necessary, training to ensure that your employees have the knowledge and skills they need to use Ansell’s products effectively and safely.

Werkado Vending

We offer a range of vending machine systems (formerly LeanVend) to our customers, to ensure they always have sufficient personal protective equipment on hand, without having to carry a large inventory. It is a sustainable solution to manage, control, and optimise the consumption and stocks of personal protective equipment. Check out the additional information on Werkado Vending and contact us to find the best solution for you.

The selection below is just a small part of Ansell’s wide range (the introductory prices shown do not include VAT). Feel free to contact us and ask for information about additional options.

Join the countless companies around the world that trust Ansell to protect their most valuable asset – their workers – and help them succeed in their industries.

HyFlex 11-819 ESD

Highly durable, thin, and breathable gloves with electrostatic protection, ensuring ultimate sensitivity and precision.

Suitable for warehousing, transport and installation work, dismantling, work with machinery, and work requiring dexterity and precision, for use in environments requiring ESD protection.

Price: 2,33€/pair

EN388 4121A

HyFlex 11-818

Exceptionally thin, breathable, and comfortable gloves that create a ‘second skin’ feeling, as if you aren’t wearing gloves at all.

Suitable for adjusting small parts and systems, installation and assembly work, final assembly, loading, transportation and logistics operations, locksmith tasks, and handling and packaging dry food.

Price: 1,56€/pair

EN388 3121A

HyFlex 11-840

Ansell’s best-selling model in the world! These gloves offer increased abrasion resistance, good breathability, and twice the grip, making them especially durable. They provide protection against direct heat at 100°C for 15 seconds.

Suitable for assembling small parts, handling raw materials, fixing components, screwing, etc.

Price: 2,13€/pair

EN388 4131A, EN407 X1XXXX

HyFlex 11-561

In the category of cut-resistant gloves, these ultra-light and thin gloves offer enhanced durability.

Super-light gloves are suitable for handling metal and sharp and hard surfaces, assembly, and finishing work.

Price: 6,00€/pair

EN388 4X42C


These gloves have thermoplastic rubber (TPR) impact protectors, providing enhanced protection for the back of the hand.

Ideal for packaging, sorting and assembling parts, driving warehouse vehicles, and general work.

Price: 7,80€/pair

EN388 4131AP, EN407 X1XXXX


Gloves with enhanced grip and excellent tear resistance. Very easy to put on, and due to their bright color, dirt is easily noticeable

Well suited for general work, food handling, working with oils and fluids, car maintenance, tire changing, and assembly work.

Price: 7,80€/package (100pc)


Disposable antistatic gloves dissipate static electricity, and the special Ansell nitrile composition is suitable for low vertical resistance below 108 Ω.

Suitable for handling chemicals and cleaning materials, operating tools, equipment maintenance and repair, food processing and handling, packaging and transport, changing oils, fluids and filters, and assembly.

Price: 19,50€/package (100pc)

A thin, durable and breathable nitrile foam coating for use on knitted gloves, resulting in 20% longer glove life and 2x better grip.
A weaving technology that focuses on dot detailing in specific areas of the glove that are more prone to wear, to improve glove fit and improve hand movement – relieving tension in the hand caused by repetitive movements.
Surface treatment technology that reduces the force required to achieve a strong grip when gripping a dry, oily or wet tool or material.
A proprietary polymer formulation that provides excellent splash resistance against a wide range of hazardous chemicals without compromising on softness and comfort.
A technology that helps reduce muscle tension and thereby supports musculoskeletal health, helping to prevent injuries and improve work performance.
A special weaving technology that combines synthetic and natural fibres into a high-tech thread, which delivers a high level of cut resistance without sacrificing comfort and ease of handling..
HyFlex 11-819 ESD
HyFlex 11-818
HyFlex 11-840
HyFlex 11-561

Check out Ansell’s green programme here.