Werkado Vending

Vending, or the vending machine service, is a sustainable and convenient way to manage, control, and optimise the consumption and inventories of personal protective equipment, tools, and consumables.

Werkado Vending provides a number of significant advantages for industrial enterprises:

1. Customized solutions: we delve into the needs of the customer, and offer vending machines and their combinations with different content and capabilities.

2. Effective inventory management: vending machine software and automatic monitoring make it possible to ensure the availability of consumables and optimal stock.

3. Release of working capital: consumables in the vending machine and the safety buffer for stocks in the Werkado warehouse are financed by Werkado.

4. Cost control and reduction: transparency on the consumption of consumables, linking to employees, cost allocation, or job number, reports, and analytics capabilities – these are the features you can use to help get your costs under control.

5. Employee safety: with the help of vending machines, you ensure 24/7 and convenient access to personal protective equipment, thereby increasing the safety of employees. In addition, you can, if necessary, later prove the delivery of personal protective equipment with a report.

6. Efficiency and productivity: By ensuring the availability of consumables in the immediate vicinity of the workplace and the possibility of self-service, the productivity of employees is improved and time wasted on dispensing and retrieving materials from the warehouse is reduced.

All in all, the vending service helps to ensure a safe and efficient working environment for your company, improve overall productivity, and free people from tedious tasks.

Industrial vending machine

The industrial vending machine broadly operates on the same principle previously used in food and beverage machines. But what makes it special is its adaptability to the needs of large end users (especially in terms of software) and difficult conditions.

Products that are small, frequently consumed, and valuable – such as personal protective equipment, cutting blades, abrasives, tools, maintenance and cleaning chemicals, adhesives, etc. – are particularly well suited for the vending machine.

Werkado only offers and implements solutions (not snack machines) created specifically for industrial customers by the company IVM: toolvendings.com


Our most popular machine offers a very convenient warehouse management solution to reduce the consumption of consumables.


This control unit can be connected to machines of any size and number. Design your system.


The SaveSpring vending machine can issue, accept or rent out up to 540 unique products.


Managing strictly controlled valuable assets will reduce the loss of your expensive tools.


Collect used consumables or equipment for cleaning. An essential part of the circular economy governance process.


Mobile personal protective equipment and tools sales shop for your construction site.


SaveTerminal integrates your inventory items into a virtual warehouse management system. Can be placed within the production area as desired.


An ideal choice for efficient storage of consumables and tools within the production area or the office.

Systems used – SaveLog cloud-based software

  • SaveLog is cloud-based software that does not need to be installed or maintained (a version that is installed on the client’s server is also available).
  • The program allows you to identify, control, monitor, and analyse delivery, materials and equipment in real time – you know where consumables are, when they are issued, and who is consuming them.
  • SaveLog automates replenishment through internal or external suppliers (automatic subscriptions).
  • The notification and alert system allows designated persons to find out, for example, when stocks are dangerously low or the products have not been returned on time.
  • SaveLog makes supply chain management and administration easy over the Internet from anywhere, anytime.

Werkado was the first to offer and introduce industrial vending machines in the Baltics, starting in 2015. Our satisfied customers are various large electronic, timber, and maintenance companies in the Baltics.

Werkado Vending process in the case of vending machine projects

  • Assessment of needs and identification of sore spots in cooperation with the client, introduction of best practices by Werkado.
  • Analysis of the customer’s assortment of consumables and the quantity consumed. Based on the products, possible vending machines and their quantity will be determined.
  • Providing a solution, negotiations, and concluding a contract.
  • Equipment delivery, installation, and training.
  • Filling of vending machines – usually 2–4 times a month; billing for consumed materials once per month; service monitoring.

Completed works: