Interested in adding Ansell – the world’s biggest glove manufacturer to your product range?

Ansell has the most extensive product range for gloves and personal protective equipment in all industries. They also urge their industry to become more sustainable and aim to reach net zero on greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

We are the official Ansell distributor in the Baltics – since 2019


Ansell – the glove and personal protective equipment hero for all industries

Ansell has 125+ years of experience in safety and protective equipment for home works and in more than 25+ different industries. Sustainability and reuse have been in the company’s values from the beginning when Eric Ansell started to reuse the rubber that came from the waste of bike tire manufacturing.

He used it for making condoms and balloons but eventually started to make gloves and personal protective equipment. Innovation and quality have made Ansell well-known in more than 120+ countries worldwide.

We can feel how the dedication of Eric Ansell for the people and plant is still alive: Safety and Sustainability have been the core values since the early days of Ansell. Ansell mission is to provide innovative safety solutions in a trustworthy and reliable manner, creating an Ansell-protected world.

Why should you include Ansell gloves in your sortiment?

The “Safety” and “Planet first” mindsets are core to the Ansell brand. Ansell is about the feeling of security they bring to people in several industries, and innovation in waste, water, and package transformation gives hope for a better future.

Ansell is the market and sustainability leader of gloves by sustainability, all possible numbers, and TOP quality. Ansell has figured safety out in 25+ industries, including metal and healthcare; you probably have clients in each.

Ansell protects workers in almost every sector, including:

  • automotive,
  • chemical,
  • metal,
  • machinery,
  • food,
  • healthcare
  • construction,
  • and mining industries.

Ansell and Sustainability: road to net zero on 2040

Ansell goes hand in hand with safety and sustainability. Ansell plans to get net zero by 2040 by:

– reducing its operation emissions by at least 90%;
– getting carbon offsets for the remaining 10 % of emissions.

Result: best hand and body protection with net zero emissions by 2040.

As critical as being good for the planet and aiming for net zero emissions by 2040 is vital for the other fields at the ESG level.

Ansell stands for the diversity of people and the importance of communities; they understand that all their 14000 + employees need to share the same vision. Their corporate governance framework ensures Ansell’s integrity, accountability, and transparency culture.

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