Looking forward to complete your product range with sharp, high-quality, and highly valued knives? Morakniv has TOP level knives for any use

Outdoor, carving, construction, and other knives are the heart and soul of the Morakniv brand. Alongside the Scandinavian quality, sharpness, and practical design of knives, which users highly appreciate, Morakniv’s product range also includes a wide range of accessories to keep knives sharp, maintained, and safe.

Apart from quality, one of Morakniv’s most significant advantages is the wide selection of knives – their blades are renowned in construction, hiking and cooking, woodworking, hunting, and fishing.

We are the official importer and wholesaler of Morakniv in the Baltics since 2014.

Morakniv – Scandinavian knife producer with quality and design

Moraknivi’s traditions and origins date back more than 400 years to the village of Mora in Sweden, the place where knives were first made. Knives are still made in Mora village today, and the whole process is under Morakniv’s control to ensure maximum quality.

The key to Moraknivi’s success is to produce high-quality knives that are easy to use. Morakniv’s knives are manufactured using the company’s secret reinforcement process, which makes the knives both durable, sufficiently flexible, and sharp.

Morakniv is constantly developing new knives. The knives are manufactured using automated processes that allow the production of up to 3 million knives per year. However, about 10% of the knives are also assembled by hand, keeping the spirit and tradition of knife-making alive.

Why enrich your assortment with Morakniv products?

Morakniv knives are characterized by both Scandinavian quality and award-winning design. The knives are also highly valued for their sharpness and user-friendliness – a Moraknivi knife will sit in the hand of a master in any particular field. These knives are simply designed to be suitable for every need.

In addition, the blades of each type of knife also have specific characteristics, such as being made of carbon, stainless, or laminated steel.

The Morakniv range covers needs in many categories:

  • Outdoor knives
  • Hunting and fishing knives
  • Construction knives
  • Woodcarving knives
  • Filleting and cooking knives
  • Knife sharpeners and accessories

As a Scandinavian brand, Morakniv also pays close attention to durability, maximum and best material use, and low environmental impact.

Morakniv knives are suitable for any user who appreciates:

  • Quality and minimalist yet stylish Scandinavian design;
  • A wide range of knives for every need;
  • A brand that respects the environment;
  • A long history but also constant product development and innovation.

Would you like to enhance your product range with a selection of Morakniv knives?

Morakniv is a sustainable, forward-looking brand!

Morakniv has several ISO certifications, and sustainability is one of the primary production principles. By old tradition, material is already well-spent in the production of knives. Centuries ago, the practice was followed primarily for economic reasons, but Morakniv still keeps the tradition alive today – in line with the principles of environmental sustainability.

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