Wish to add Piher, a high quality clamp manufacturer, to your product assortment?

Piher is represented in the professional craftsman’s toolbox, mainly with high-quality clamps. Piher has gained its good reputation thanks to its durability and technical characteristics, where the performance often exceeds the user’s expectations!

We have been distributing Piher since 2016, and from 2020 we are the only official wholesaler of Piher in the Baltics.

Piher – the TOP specialist in the production of clamps and accessories

Piher has been a leader in designing and manufacturing clamps for 60+ years and also holds unique design patents. Piher’s manufacturing and headquarters are located in Spain and all raw materials for production are sourced from Europe for quality assurance.

Piher is made for professional users who value quality and need temporary fixing of details – for example in wood or metal work. Piher has top quality and strongly focuses on precision, efficiency, and innovation. Since 1950, their clamps have kept pace with the times and needs.

In addition to the clamps, the range includes high-quality supports (multiprops), suction pads, welding magnets and etc.

Piher’s products have a 30-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Why to decide for Piher products?

Piher specializes in clamps and accessories, being the field expert and a quality leader in both durability and comfort. Years of experience in continuous product development meet the needs of the most demanding user and provide a 30-year guarantee. Piher name stands for durability, innovation in response to changing needs, and comfort in use.

Piher’s production is 100% European quality, and the company strongly emphasizes sustainability. So, from the design process to production, the focus is on having as little impact as possible on the environment. For sustainability, the lasting durability of the products is essential, as well as combined solutions in packaging, materials, and design.

Piher should be in every professional craftsman toolbox who values:

  • Made in EU quality: production and material;
  • Sustainability and environmental impact;
  • Long experience in the field of clamps;
  • Comfortable and up-to-date products;
  • ISO 9001:2000 quality mark and 30-year warranty.

3 advantages of choosing Piher clamps

#1 Ease of use

Modern and patented mechanism solutions allow clamps to be used with one hand, apply maximum force and fasten the necessary elements.

#2 Precision and efficiency

The strong pressure and stability of Piher products help to fix the elements accurately and efficiently for the desired time without losing the pressure.

#3 Versatile use

Piher has a wide range of clamps for every need and craftsman. Variety of sizes and modern solutions ensures suitability in every situation.

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