Enhance your portfolio with products from Scangrip, a leading European manufacturer of work lights!

Scangrip is the leading European manufacturer with the most extensive assortment of professional LED work lights. Their selection includes headlamps, handheld lights, and powerful floodlights tailored to various needs.

The Scangrip Connect series lights are compatible with batteries from major power tool manufacturers, making them a perfect fit for any professional’s toolpark.

We have been the importer and wholesaler of Scangrip in the Baltic region since 2023.

Scangrip is a European work light industry pioneer, creating headlamps, handheld lights, and floodlights.

Scangrip’s story is a perfect example of innovation. Established in the early 19th century as a local blacksmith, the company has evolved into Europe’s most innovative and leading manufacturer of professional LED work lights.

Headquartered in Denmark, Scangrip’s journey into lighting began with identifying a need and a market niche. In the early 1990s, there was a clear need for suitable lighting options for professional use since lamps had inconvenient designs, were fragile, and frustrated workers. “There’s room for improvement here!” acknowledged the then-company leader, Anders Borring, and took it upon himself to address the issue. So, in 2008, Scangrip introduced the first LED work light.

With its identified market niche, bold and innovative LED solutions, and continuous product development, Scangrip has become Europe’s leading manufacturer of professional work lights.

Scangrip Product Range

Scangrip aims to bring quality, durability, and innovation to the work light market. They aim to make every professional’s workday more efficient and brighter.

As a European market leader, Scangrip’s product range includes LED work lights such as:

  • Headlamps;
  • Handheld lights;
  • Floodlights;
  • Specialized lamps (explosion-proof, UV, various options for the paint industry garage lights, etc.).

Why choose Scangrip for your product portfolio?

Scangrip has Europe’s largest and most innovative selection of professional work lights. Durability is in Scangrip’s DNA, and that’s how they create lights that last for years. Also, their lights are compatible with most power tool batteries (the so-called Connect series).

Scangrip work lights are designed to satisfy the needs of every professional. They are:

  • Extremely powerful, durable, and functional
  • Equipped with the most modern and innovative LED technology, including the first COB LED solution. The COB LED solution has better energy efficiency and brighter light, thus further developing the properties necessary for work lights.
  • User friendly. Professional yet easy-to-use work lights.
  • Energy efficiency “Go Green”. The latest LED technologies provide more and more energy savings and ensure a longer working time.

Efficiency and sustainability of Scangrip “Go Green”

Scangrip considers innovation extremely important and is a European LED work light trailblazer. Product development is continuous, and Scangrip desires to find new solutions constantly. Their “Go Green” solution includes work lights:

#1 Energy saving. The latest LED solutions are more energy efficient than previous halogen lamps. Scangrip is constantly developing new LED solutions as an innovator in the field.

#2 Longevity. Scangrip aims to create lighting that will do its job for many years. In addition to quality, Scangrip observes a green worldview – the “buy-and-throw-away” culture is unacceptable for them, and therefore, Scangrip invests a lot in durability.

#3 A better choice for the planet. Energy efficient and longer-lasting work lights are one solution for a greener world. That’s why all Scangrip lights have dimmers – to use the lights the most efficiently based on the current need.

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