Tivoly - metalli lõikamise ekspert

Looking for premium power tool accessories (PTA) in your portfolio? The professional’s choice is Tivoly

Tivoly is focused on producing and developing power tool accessories. They have an excellent range of drills, rotary burrs, cutting and grinding discs, etc.
Tivoly is a brand with accessories suitable for professionals as well as the do-it-yourselfer.

We are the exclusive importer and wholesaler of Tivoly in the Baltics since 2014.


Tivoly – 100+ years of quality power tool accessories

Lucien Tivoly founded Tivoly as a brand in France over 100 years ago. The company initially aimed to create cutting tools for the arms industry. Over the years, the company has evolved with the same strong quality standards. Today, Tivoly is one of the leading experts in metal-cutting tools. As a result, Tivoly’s products are also used in industries that require the highest precision, such as aerospace and electronics.

Interesting fact: The electronics industry had a breakthrough as early as 1935 when introducing ultra-short drill bits. Alongside manufacturing, developing metal-cutting tools is one of Tivoly’s core activities.

Tivoly still has headquarters in France, but its accessories are produced worldwide, including in France, England, Spain, the USA, and China. Today, Tivoly is part of the Peugeot Industry group, the company’s main shareholder.

Tivoly product range

Tivoly is an expert in producing power tool accessories. For example, Tivoly’s product portfolio includes:

  • different types of metal drills (HSS, HSSCo, FUSIO, SmartPoint).
  • wood and concrete drills
  • hard alloy and diamond cutting tools.
  • grinding and cutting discs
  • rotary burrs
Tivoly SDS+
Tivoly puurikomplektid

Why choose Tivoly products for your assortment?

Quality Tivoly products are designed for both professionals and hobby users. For Tivoly, product development is just as important as quality manufacturing – that’s why all their products have a history of years of development behind them. Production is distributed around the world to ensure the best value for money.

Tivoly products are:

  • Created through long-term development based on 100+ years of experience;
  • Suitable for professionals and hobbyists alike;
  • Used in areas requiring exceptional precision, e.g., aviation. Among others, Tivoly is one of Airbus’s cutting tool supplier;
  • Made with sustainability in mind.

Tivoly’s  Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

For Tivoly, social responsibility and sustainability are essential throughout the life cycle of their products. Thus, the Tivoly team is constantly trying to find a balanced solution in packaging, design, and the use of recycled raw materials.

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