Looking for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, work shoes and glasses in your portfolio? UVEX protects from head to toe

UVEX protects everyone, from head to toe. A leading brand of personal protective equipment (PPE), UVEX offers a wide range of high-quality products, from helmets and work shoes to safety glasses, gloves, and respirators.

We are the importer and wholesaler of UVEX in the Baltics since 2015.

UVEX is made to protect people: awarding personal protection equipment (PPE) from helmets to work shoes

For UVEX users, “Made in UVEX” is a special quality and trust sign that carries UVEX’s promise to be user-oriented, make high-quality products, and have a sustainable mindset. Sustainability in UVEX is essential everywhere in the entire development and production process – from designing small details to creating protective equipment.

The UVEX brand, or UltraViolet EXcluded, was founded in the 1950s in Germany. Rainer Winter, UVEX founder, started as a sunglass manufacturer. Soon, he added umbrellas and numerous sports products to the assortment. In the 70s, the product variety moved smoothly more towards personal protective equipment.

Today, UVEX has a separate successful product line for sports products and personal protective equipment. UVEX is a medium-sized company with long traditions. Therefore, they have an extremely loyal team, where every employee knows their company’s culture and values well. With workers feeling valued, “Made in UVEX” can continue to carry trusted quality marks.

UVEX product range

UVEX clearly states that they have a mission to protect from head to toe.

Their product range includes personal protective equipment for challenging metal and construction work but also for medical and mechanical applications. UVEX protects everyone!

UVEX provides high-quality PPE products, such as:

  • Safety gloves: a wide range from heat protection gloves to chemical protective gloves
  • Safety glasses: spectacles, goggles
  • Safety shoes;
  • Helmets and safety headwear;
  • Respirators and masks
  • Hearing protection: headphones, earplugs, earmuffs.

Why choose UVEX products for your assortment?

UVEX products cover the entire field of personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition to their primary mission of protecting people, the company has a daily ambition to “be the best!”

UVEX fits perfectly into your product range if you are looking for:

  • a wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE) from gloves to safety shoes;
  • premium quality PPE products;
  • a manufacturer who values sustainability.

UVEX quality and “Made in UVEX” – what does it mean?

Quality can include plenty of things: resistance, user-friendliness, durability, and lots more. For UVEX, the quality of their products is not only a matter of honor but a part of their business model. So, the “Made in UVEX” quality mark also includes processes, social responsibility, and economic efficiency.

UVEX provides its quality through the following activities:

#1 Having a full control over development and manufacturing processes. This is the only way UVEX can fully take responsibility and guarantee the quality of products.

#2 Testing products in their in-house labs. Result: UVEX products usually exceed the usual standards set for PPE products.

#3 Strengthening team knowledge regularly. German quality and “Made in UVEX” are trustsigns that are maintained through technological expertise, extensive specialist knowledge, and staff training.

#4 Protecting resources. UVEX is taking conscious steps to reduce its carbon footprint, material consumption, and noise pollution.

#5 Maintaining its independence. Since UVEX is a family company, it finances its own investments. In this way, they can commit to quality without compromising sustainability.

#6 Using high-quality materials and tools. UVEX knows that a product can only be as good as its raw material, manufacturing tools, and production process.

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