Interesting Tivoly drill and milling bit sets

Tivoly is a French brand that designs and manufactures almost entire product range in-house. In Baltics, Werkado has the exclusive distribution right of the Tivoly products.

Each set in the Tivoly range is born out of necessity, and in the case of storage packages, user comfort and logical arrangement of products are also taken into account.

In this article, we introduce our two big favorites from Tivoly, which perhaps have not reached all professionals yet.

Tivoly 100 drill set – metal drills 1-13 mm, HSS, fully ground

Often, with such sets, some drills are more actively used and therefore wear out faster. Others, again, less so, and that is the reason why the sets will soon be incomplete. Favorites have been used.

Tivoly knows this and put together a set of 100 drills, with the most commonly used sizes generously included in the set. The following selection of drills is assembled in the Tivoly 100 drill set (size and quantity):

1 mm51,5 mm5
2 mm102,5 mm10
3 mm103,2 mm5
3,5 mm54 mm10
4,2 mm54,5 mm5
5 mm105,5 mm3
6 mm56,5 mm3
8 mm38,5 mm1
9 mm110 mm1
11 mm112 mm1

Tivoly set MTF23 for Threading and Tapping M3-M10

Most manufacturers’ thread sets are so-called full size, which can give a poor final result for work that requires extreme precision.

Tivoly has a very good threading kit, with unexpected sizes inside, but which are highly appreciated by our professional users. The threading must be precise.

The following sizes are available in this Tivoly set MTF23:

Thread drills and cuttersM3M4M5M6M8M10 HSS E5
Drills2,5 mm3,3 mm4,2 mm5,0 mm6,8 mm8,5 mm

There are many products in Tivoly’s range to talk about in more detail, but these are 2 that should give any knowledgeable user a good idea of ​​this manufacturer’s thoroughness and professionalism in their field.

See all Tivoly sets here and if it seems that something is still missing, let us know and we will find out how to bring the product to people in Baltic countries.

Tivoli also offers the possibility to order custom-made drills, reamers and other cutting tools for industrial use.

Tivoly – let’s give life to the products of tomorrow!

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